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Garmin Edge 200 First Ride Review

Finally had some spare cash from Chinese New Year as well as some other misc money-making activities. Decided to find out more about GPS cyclometer. Was able to search for only 2 prominent brands in the market, the Bryton rider … Continue reading

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Old Friend is back !

And my old friend the Trek 1000 died a few months when the headset decided to assplode on itself and threw pieces of it out of the fork area. Finally had the cash to fix the situation and I done … Continue reading

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Brakes,Front vs Rear

I brought my Trek to a bicycle shop to change the chain as it was getting rusty. Forgot to install the rear brake pads for the bicycle because I was using the planet X  rear wheel as my other wheel … Continue reading

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Review : LG Diamond VS OGK Regas

Recently my Specialized helmet netting just decided to rot off and since my OGK helmet is still drying, i decided to open up my new LG Diamond and give it shot at it. Well of course, a comparsion is a … Continue reading

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Cycling in Parks,Bike shop in Singapore,random suff

Was reading one of the letters written to the Straits Time on cycling and thought that the author was either being an idiot,egoistic,narcissist selfish dick here.To cut the story short, the gist is an cyclist was cycling “leisurely” in East … Continue reading

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End of Year Reflections

Amidst all the festivities and feasting, the year 2011 has finally come to an end. It has been a Topsy-turvy world for me in cycling. Here is a list of things that I done for this wonderful year. Have been … Continue reading

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