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Dear Garmin, Singapore is not in Pengerang nor Johore Bharu; Garmin Connect Response!

Dear Garmin, Recently, I plugged my old and battered Garmin 200 into my computer with the intention to charge and upload my rides onto strava and see if i had any KOM (just kidding, don’t really bother with this). Curiously, … Continue reading

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Damaged Look Keo Pedals

For the past week, I was having problems clipping into my pedal. Thought was having problems with the cleats and yesterday, found out the problem. Well have no idea how the metal bit got damaged, ah well quite a bummer … Continue reading

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Food for thought:Buying from Online vs Buying from Local Bike Shop

With the rapid explosive growth of the Internet also comes an growth of a new source of parts for the cycling community; The online bike shop/warehouse. What once started out as mail order shops for bike parts has now turned … Continue reading

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Handlebar Corrosion

Just replaced my 3T Egronova Handlebar after a routine visit to the bike shop revealed that the handlebar is disintegrating due to corrosion. After the change, went back home to my disbelief dad who said that “aluminum cant corrode”. Well, … Continue reading

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Cervelo Rant

Though Cervelo engineering is top notch and they are the leader in bicycle aerodynamics. Other parts of their frame and parts such as their seat post and their brake pads are absolutely a pain in the ass to work with. … Continue reading

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Cranky issues

That its, Kaput! My Easton EC 90 crank bought last June is showing signs of crank detachment from the spindle. Initially when I bought it, online reviews indicated that this problem is apparent in this crank; and that me being … Continue reading

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Rant:Chain Cleaner Tool

When I first started learning how to clean and maintain the drive train, I thought I bought the holy grail of chain cleaning which is a chain cleaner tool manufactured by Finish Line (though it is manufactured by other companies) … Continue reading

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