End of Year Reflections

Amidst all the festivities and feasting, the year 2011 has finally come to an end. It has been a Topsy-turvy world for me in cycling. Here is a list of things that I done for this wonderful year.

  • Have been logging my rides ever since I got my Polar CS200 and I done (according to Polar Webtrainer) 5606KM from January till December.The amount should be more considering that my speedometer died during some of the rides. An increase of about 3.5K Km from the year before (logging that started in April)
  • 1st lesson: Got hit by a car and got a concussion because silly me forgot to wear a helmet while riding on the road lesson learnt.
    2nd lesson: Always look and look for debris on the road I crashed on an flyover because of an thigh size chunk of rubber
  • Did 3 rides in neighboring Malaysia this year. 2 of which were races and the other was a friendly windy ride up and down Desaru. Really nice place to cycle and planning more rides around and to there for 2012.
  • Climbed up my 1st actual mountain this year unlike that 110+ M Mount Faber. Very proud of the achievement though i was not very happy with my timing.
  • Also done my 1st timed imperial century this year, around 4hours 30 minutes. Well within my expectations but felt could do better as I ran out of water.
  • Bought many stuff this year and i am trying to avoid buying so much stuff (though i am always looking around for cheap Zipps and the likes) for 2012 ha !

And of course New Year resolution.

  • Get a Top 10 finishing position in at least 1 race in Singapore.Kind of sucky that for the 2 races i had in Singapore, 1 I started off late and the other I chose the wrong wave so did not have a peleton to draft from.
  • Get some free,nice sponsorship. Cycling stuff is really expensive and big ticket items are way out of the limit for poor students.
  • Increase my body weight so that I can have more stability to control the bike. Currently I’m being blown around like a wind sock when there is super strong crosswinds.
  • Hopefully I’m able to do the 3 big hills in Peninsular Malaysia namely Fraser Hill, Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. Though I have already done Cameron Highlands, I am not happy with my timing and hopefully able to hit a sub 2 hour 30 minutes timing

Thats all! Next up will be the reviews of a helmet and a pair of shoes (which I bought a a heavily discounted price)

About sadisticnoob

A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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