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Was reading one of the letters written to the Straits Time on cycling and thought that the author was either being an idiot,egoistic,narcissist selfish dick here.To cut the story short, the gist is an cyclist was cycling “leisurely” in East Coast Park and basically got his “$5K” bike broken and had some injuries while colliding into a lady. He wrote to the forum complaining about racism to him, lack of courtesy and compassion.

While I do not know the full story behind the incident. For a carbon bike to start breaking into pieces, the impact must be very great and powerful. It points to him going too fast, to an extent that he did not see and could not react in time to prevent an accident from happening.

To Nic, it takes just 1 accident to sent your expensive bike crashing and destroying it. A lack of foresight on your part has led you to sustaining injuries and damaging your bicycle. It takes an idiot to cycle like a reckless drunk driver with a Ferrari on a weekend public holiday at one of Singapore’s busiest park. Never mind the fact that you have to contend with roller bladers, mountain bikers  and other random form of transport. Everybody has to share the same path and here you are acting like a big bully, rushing your way through. If you want to speed, go to Changi Coast Road or even Lim Chu Kang Road and race with other road races. As the word implies “park” is for leisure riding and not to satisfy your speed cravings.

Not that he’s at fault, but generally East Coast Park is a place where accidents are just waiting around. Kids learning how to cycle, Parents letting their kids wander off. And worse still,People stopping right in the middle of the path and also not checking clear before reversing out. Not that it is a road-driver situation but i think lives are put on the line when you are not observing proper etiquette in parks.

On the other hand I read that a certain bike shop in Singapore has given up exclusive distributorship with a certain brand and decided to share it with another bicycle shop in Singapore. While it is quite saddening to hear that but prices in Singapore is generally high, even with the stiff competition and so many bike shops and brands in Singapore.

I find it quite ironic that Singapore’s retail strategy uses high prices to justify for the low volume sold. I wish that their prices was much lower. I was recently quoted prices for 2 different brand of GPS cycling computer in Singapore (Bryton Rider 30and Garmin Edge 200) Online reviews indicated that the Bryton would be cheaper then the Garmin. To my surprise it was more  expensive! Was it the bryton was sold in a the swanky high rent location in the CBD ?Or maybe the Garmin was being sold at a place that is reputable for buying cheap and affordable computer spare parts. I am not so sure.

If this keeps up, I have to keep buying from online sources where it is much cheaper (savings of 10-30%). I don’t mind paying 10% more but 30-40% ?? You got to be kidding me. I’m just a student who goes for the cheapest available and not some banker enjoying the high life. The bike shops always claim that nobody supports them and resort to online buying. But as a consumer,if your prices are sky high nobody will support you, even if you service your customers like a king.


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