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Bicycle licensing in Singapore ?

With the recent spat of videos showing cyclists running red lights and drafting vehicles, the spotlight has turn on cyclists; with calls to license cyclists, have punishment for errant cyclists and as well having cyclists taking compulsory basic theory similar … Continue reading

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Look Keo Blade: First Ride Review

Remember the broken Keo Max 2 in the previous post ? Well was pretty upset that I had to spent some money to change something that should not be giving problems despite many years of service. Looked around the second … Continue reading

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Damaged Look Keo Pedals

For the past week, I was having problems clipping into my pedal. Thought was having problems with the cleats and yesterday, found out the problem. Well have no idea how the metal bit got damaged, ah well quite a bummer … Continue reading

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New cycling Anime: Yowamushi Pedal!

A new cycling anime called Yowamushi Pedal has just been released on YouTube! The anime series according to Wikipedia is released on 2008 as a magna(think of it as a comic book series) and now its on video. According to … Continue reading

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