Garmin Edge 200 First Ride Review

Finally had some spare cash from Chinese New Year as well as some other misc money-making activities. Decided to find out more about GPS cyclometer. Was able to search for only 2 prominent brands in the market, the Bryton rider series and the Garmin rider series. Had to limit my budget either to the Bryton Rider 30 or the Garmin Edge 200. The Rider 30 had optional accessories such as speed sensor heart rate monitor whereas the Edge 200 is just a plain old cyclometer-like without heart rate cadence sensors. Went down to retail outlets to enquire and took the Garmin Edge 200 as i was offered a better price.

Opening up
Boxed up

And after all the plastic packaging and unwrapping what we have is here. (sorry for the blurred pictures, taken using an Iphone

From the Garmin Unit (clockwise);Garmin unit,bunch of manuals in English and other languages,charger with USB cable(in various socket head),Mounting uni(with a bunch of extra thick rubber band-look alike) and

I was very shocked at the lack of accessories inside the box, how simple could it be ? Just an unit by itself ?

And of course the unit comes with just 4 buttons

From power button clockwise;Power button (to turn the device on/off),Start/stop recording of ride,lap timer,scrolling through data(never really used this yet)

And of course for weight comparison, I done it side by side with the only cyclometer I had which is the only other 1 I had. It has Speed,Cadence as well as a Heart Rate Montior

Thought it will way much heavier but surprisngly it is not! Years has passed ever since those huge cumbersome GPS devices. Not too shabby considering it is just slightly heavier than your normal cyclometer.

First impression:Mounting and Turning On
Mounting the Edge 200 is pretty simple, just put the mount and secure it with the bands provided to either the handlebar or stem or your  favorite mounting position.

Turning on the Edge 200 gives you a simple pretty menu with the buttons at the side of the device. The settings are also pretty idiot-proof, selecting up and down using the buttons on the right side of the devices and selecting option/going back the menu on the left side of the device. You also have to key in your age/weight and height for the device to estimate the calories that you will be burning for your ride

Riding Impression
First thing that I looked for was setting the date/time of the Edge 200. To my suprise there was none, so I was pretty concerned with the accuracy of the device. So at 530am in the morning, I went down and started to turn on the device to log my ride.Maybe because the device was making connections/downloading updates/setting date and time with the satellites,It took a few minutes for the connection to  be established and to be able to track the riding speed.

Unfortunately the data displayed on the Edge 200 cannot be selected manually, instead it displays 3 data (current speed,distance traveled and time taken) and rotates between 3 other (attitude gained/average speed and calories burnt)

Overall, it worked fine though I am not able to test the accuracy with my polar (due to the speed sensor not being adjusted properly) Even when I travelled under underpasses it was still able to track the speed (albeit it was a short 1)

Recording Data
Uploading data is easy, simply pluck the device into the computer using the USB cable provided and downloading Garmin Connect into your computer. And all your data is shown on the website.

(pretty bad crop)

The Garmin Edge 200 is perfect for those who want a no-frills cyclometer to record their basic data and do not want to be dependent(or questioning) on the standard magnet speed sensor. Though it may be a little expensive due to the monopoly on GPS system, I would say it a good buy for a no-frills painless and installation-free cyclometer.

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