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Thoughts: Increase in cyclists and PMD users getting caught for various traffic offences

The Straits Times published a new article today (5 October 2016) stating that more than 700 people have been caught for illegal riding/ cycling. In addition, due to the lack of legislation, cyclists and PMD users do not face fines now … Continue reading

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Tighter rules for E-Bicycles

Recently, LTA has decided to introduce tighter rules for E-Bicycles , and I welcome the toughened rules. Besides having a more stringent rules, they also increased the fines for illegal E-bikes. However, in my opinion, this has not solved the root … Continue reading

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Suggestions for a key cycling Route-Bishan To Gardens by the Bay

Recently, Straits Times reported that URA is conducting a study on making the Bishan-Kallang Park Connector a seamless route. If the study is successful, it could pave the way for other similar “commute” route for cyclists and runners who wish … Continue reading

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Bicycle licensing in Singapore ?

With the recent spat of videos showing cyclists running red lights and drafting vehicles, the spotlight has turn on cyclists; with calls to license cyclists, have punishment for errant cyclists and as well having cyclists taking compulsory basic theory similar … Continue reading

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As more and more reports of Lance Armstrong doping when he was racing gets out to the mass media, I can’t stop but to think that all his creditability has just gone to waste. From his 7 Tour De France … Continue reading

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Nparks:Brompton Bikes bad decision?

National Park Board has just purchased 26 Brompton bikes for 2200 sgd making the purchase costs about 57000 sgd. They purchased the bikes mainly for doing on site inspections at the parks around Singapore by providing a quicker way of … Continue reading

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