First Look: Time Ergodrive Handlebar

Carbon bits are expensive, especially one from a renowned company such as TIME where its bicycle frames and accessories are made in France. This is rare in an era where companies would rather outsource its carbon production to Taiwan or china as manufacturing stuff from carbon is fairly labor intensive. People love carbon stuff as its light, strong and it doesn’t corrode (important to me!)

Enter the Time Egrodrive Handlebar, saw it on massive discount and without even thinking I grabbed one. The model that I have is a 2013 model, but Time is still manufacturing these bar as this article is being written. It looks impressive, it does come in a variety of colors such as black, red and white but when I purchased it, the only bars left in my size was white. The packaging is impressive, showcasing its product in a transparent casing.

Whats included in the package

  • Handlebar
  • Removable Housing Cover
  • Installation CD

The bars itself is not relatively light at a claimed weight of 230 grams (in comparison the 42cm Egronova LTD weights in at below 200gram) Mine bar came in at 228 grams with an addition of 18 grams for the housing channels.

However, what I do like about them are the features. The bar features an aluminum clamp bonded into the carbon to increase the rigidity, and the gripping surface is added at both the shifter clamp area and as well as the stem clamping area. The bar also features an unique cable housing channels with an removable housing channel cover (which are the 4 screws and the plastic sleeves). This means that you don’t need to use ugly electrical tape to tape your cables to the handlebar.

Time makes its entire product from carbon inhouse and this includes the carbon fiber weave and as well as the impregnation of resin into its carbon tubes. This makes the Egrodrive bar super stiff, though I have not tried the bars.

The shape of the bar follows the compact design similar to that of the Egronova, an flat, egg-shaped top mated to a shallow drop. I like it compared to an classic shaped handlebars, flat tops means being able to rest your arms on the top and cruise your way around. Shallow drops means you don’t need to have the flexibility of a gymnast to maintain your positions on the drops.

Time will tell whether I would like the bar (I would be mounting this bar on my mini velo but I am still in the midst of planning future upgrades for it) but as for now, I like the bar, 50 grams of weight gained is an OK trade off for the amount of proprietary technology on the bar. The bars are pricey given the pedigree of its manufacturing processes and the country of origin. TIME has cut itself a niche in the market as a premium manufacturer and this bar shows it.


  • Time Egrodrive 42cm bar in white
  • Made in France
  • Claimed weight 230 grams, real weight 227 grams (raw weights without housing channels)
  • Removable housing channels for cable routing

The author was not sponsored nor paid by Time to review this product. This product was paid for and purchased by the author (who has no working relations with Time)

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