Tighter rules for E-Bicycles

Recently, LTA has decided to introduce tighter rules for E-Bicycles , and I welcome the toughened rules. Besides having a more stringent rules, they also increased the fines for illegal E-bikes. However, in my opinion, this has not solved the root of the problem which is that of E-Bikes inconveniencing pedestrians walking on foot way.

Currently, there are 6 rules which relate to the construction, the speed, the weight and the standards which the E-bikes must adhere to. The crux of the problem, in my opinion doesn’t lie in the construction of the bikes, but rather in enforcing where these bikes should be allowed to travel on.

At 25kph, they are too slow for the roads, and too fast for travelling on pavements. One solution proposed would be to increase the legal speed of e-bikes to 40kph (where it is 10kph higher than the average speed on aertial road according to LTA 2014 report) LTA, however would need to ramp up the enforcement of e-bikes not being allowed on pavements through the usage of officers and cameras.

Excessive modding of the motor should not be curbed by fines, send the offending e-bike at the owner’s cost, to de-modify the bike back to its original state, and at the same time levy a fine.

There are other further legal issues involved such as when there is personal injuries or property damages involved, but that can be tackled at a later date.


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