Road to a faster me

I am back, after 2 months  of not riding or so due to examinations. As my school term winds to a close. I find myself picking up my favorite sport again.

Started Day 1 with a 30 min spin around my neighborhood on my TT bike. Wanted to go for an hour, but felt nauseous.

Needed to change the pads, since they degraded by turning into a sticky residue due to UV exposure I think

Day 2 of training started with a group ride with my usual group. Got dropped on the last 4km, Heart Rate spiked up way higher, and the nauseous feeling was back, at least I managed to hang on for 90% of the way

About sadisticnoob

A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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1 Response to Road to a faster me

  1. Thomas says:

    Welcome back!

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