Cycle Singapore 2015

Just received an email from the organizers! Apparently the event is going to be held on the 10-12th April 2015.  More info here. With Ocbc Singapore being held on the 28-3oth august and tri factor bike to be held somewhere in June, there are now 3 (legal) races held every year! Though not as lucky as our malaysia counterparts where they have century rides almost every month,

The focus seems to have changed this time round by scrapping the competitive feel to the race by scrapping the criterium (for the pro and the amateur )on Friday. And having experienced cyclists to guide each wave. No idea how this is going to impact the event though, is it going to be an all out timed event thus turning it to a race or just a non timed event ?

Still they have made changes to the route for 2015, (hope its safer this time round) no more temporary metal gratings on the floor and cone dividers i hope!

Will just have to wait and see if it can tempt me from taking part. Will have to see the price and the event focus.


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