Ocbc cycle Singapore 2015 confirmed

According to the Straits Times here, Ocbc cycle Singapore will be held on Aug 29 and 30. With that, there are now 4 cycling races, Cycle Singapore ( Spectrum worldwide ), Tri-Factor bike (Orange Room), SCF celebration series (Dirtraction) and Ocbc cycle singapore (Pitch event). This means that there are more cycling races for Singapore!

While the first and the last event are catered more for the new riders, the accidents rates are much higher (having witnessed a few myself) The death of the rider this year, while unfortunate cannot be wholly blamed on the organizer despite the relatively narrow routes. One cannot stop the competitive streak in humans and this will cause them to react more recklessly. The reaction from OCBC was really (in my opinion) pretty swift and I did not expect them to pull out after the incident happened.

Organizers should instead segregate riders, one for those who just aim to complete the event, and the racers, who want to finish the events in the best possible timing. However, it is almost impossible to differentiate the bike handling skills or the ground awareness of all the racers there.Big, wide roads are also the best as well as no sudden change of big roads to small roads. In my opinion, accidents are bound to happen, even with the best safety measures in place.

While two of the events are just loops of the same road. I hope that the other two organizers would be able to plan a route that goes to other places, this requires lots of coordination though, from LTA to the auxiliary police involves. More interesting routes would make more people sign up for the events

With cycling becoming more and more popular in Singapore, I hope that there are more “non” racing bicycle events in Singapore, such as NTU bike rally. Having lots of races is great but we are leaving out the other groups of cyclists, the ones that do not have the legs to race, but have the heart and legs to ride their bikes in a non-timed long distance event with their friends and family whilst soaking up the joys of cycling and the scenery (or the lack of it) One need not take up cycling just for speed, but they can do it because they genuinely like the convenience and thrill of it.


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