Review Part 2: Sony AS 100v review

After a long break of writing I am back, this time with the functions on the sony AS100v, and comments on pictures, and videos taken with the video. In the 5 months or so with the camera, the camera has been with me to 4 countries with temperatures ranging from 6deg to 35 deg, taken around 200 photos and roughly 200 videos. The camera has been thru 2 casings and a 40kph drop off my bike where it promptly got smashed up and repaired. In my opinon, the camera is good value with several features not avaliable with other cameras as well as a feature packed proprietary program that will utilize all the camera’s features to its fullest.

Part 1: Features on the camera
The camera itself is simple to operate with 3 buttons and a switch.

On the side with the screen, that’s the button to scroll back and forth menu, as well as to turn on the camera.

On the back side, that’s the button to start recording/ taking photos, as well as the switch to lock the record, should you somehow accidentally press the button while recording. Also, this panel works as a cover to insert the battery as well as the SD card.

There is no obvious signs that the camera is operating so how does it show its on ? simple thru 2 lights one on the record button to show that its recording and the 2nd button its on the top, where it shows if the GPS is active.

Turning on the screen, the first mode is the movie mode where it first shows movie mode

with the format  being selected (in this case 1080P 30P) and other features (in this case wifi,GPS, anti shake and flip mode)

then a run screen showing how many hours and minutes left of recording time on the SD card (not the battery life!)

Next mode is Photo mode showing how many more photos you can take on the sd card (again not how many shots you can take before recharging)

And as well as photo interval mode where it takes a photo every 1,2,10,30,60 seconds

As well as video mode (where you get to choose the format which the camera will record) 1080P 60FPS to 480P are all available

And as well as the setup mode

Sorry for the glare, the pictures were taken at my desk, which has a light above it

Part 2 Pictures
Even though the AS100v is designed mainly to use as a video camera for sports, it also is able to take pictures, you can either shoot blind without a screen or you can pair it up with a smartphone so that you will be able to see what you’re shooting (more on that later) Colors of the photos are generally good and vivid though the fish eye lens may distort the image slightly giving a slightly curved edge at the end of the pictures.

Part 3 Video
This is where the video should do well, and in the day time, the videos are good and clear with clear sound though the video can be abit noisy due to the shakes from the road.

The mount provided by Sony for the handlebar is made of plastic and as such doesnt really asborb the shocks really well, you can hear all the bumps on the road.

I cannot tell the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS although this is due to youtube compression of 1080P video.

And how about night time ? I find the cameras capture light pretty well making the lights appear brighter than the surroundings not as good as day time but still pretty okay. I actually prefer the gopro during night as the lights appear softer.

You might have noticed that some of the videos have a speed indicator with total distance and average distance, you can embed the data into the video (provided GPS was on at the time when you first started recording the ride) using Sony software, PlayMemories home (its free)

Part 4 Apps
Sony has developed two new apps to go along with the sony action cam. The first one is a mobile app for smartphones called PlayMemories mobile. With it, your phone basically becomes the screen for you to see where your camera is aiming at. A good choice for those that do not want to afford the funky band that Sony is selling.

The app is the first one on the right.

Don’t forget to connect to your camera first before launching the app! The camera is secured and has a unique password which can be found on the user manual to prevent anybody from using it.

Simple interface, settings, mode and a big red record button

Settings screen

and the different modes.

Also, Sony has an program for the computer called PlayMemories home. Basically without this program, you would not be able to download and view the GPS data for the camera.

To create a video with the GPS data just click Multi view and you would be able to see everything. There are other functions as well, but I haven’t really explored yet. The GPS data is really useful cause you do not need another GPS device (like a Garmin) nor a video overlay software (like Dashware) to record on your rides.

The Sony AS100V is really packed with really good and useful features not found in other cameras. By using all their proprietary software, the camera potential will be fully unleashed.


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