Long term review part 1 : Sony HDR-AS100V

With the increase of accidents involving motorists and cyclists on the road, I was persuaded by my mom to get a video camera. Was looking around and happen to see this camera on display at the OCBC Cycle Singapore Lifestyle Expo booth. After seeing the amazing price and the amount of freebies threw, I purchased it and went about recording rides with it.

So what comes with the package ?
I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the neat box it came with it, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture when I tore thru the packaging and is now left with pictures of all the accessories

First up the underwater casing together with the clip. I am quite surprised to find that the underwater casing came together as a standard feature. With it the AS100v becomes dustproof,shockproof,and waterproof.Unlike the Go pro which does not come with the casing as a standard packaging.

The clip however was pretty crappy, because to secure the casing, you need a flat tip screwdriver or something that is skinny,flat and straight to secure it. Well I damaged the casing when I didn’t secure it tight enough and it flew right out of the mount. Luckily the camera  was not damaged and that the casing has a nice big scratch mark on the lens side of the casing.

Two mounted are provided, one is completely flat while the other is slightly curved. The idea of the sticky pad on it is to stick anywhere you want but I do not think it is strong enough if the activities get too tough. I found a novel way to attatch one of it to my time trial bike using good old cable ties

Two batteries are provided with it (there is one found inside the package) but they gave me another one. Claimed battery life is 2hours on 1080P 30fps, shall conduct a test soon. And there is the battery charger. Cool feature about it is that it has two modes, one to charge via usb the other to charge thru your wall outlet. It also has auto cut off feature when your battery is fully charged so it will not damage your battery in the long run.

The white color thing is to mount your camera without the casing. Plus points, better sound and might have clearer videos if your casing is dirty. Bad point is that if your camera somehow manages to detaches itself from the mount, it is going to get damaged.

Of course other stuff include the standard mini usb cables and adaptor plugs for other countries.

But what about the camera?
According to the advertising brouchre that I have with me has both a camera and video mode with a “13.5 megapixels Exmor R CMOS sensor” I have no freaking idea what this means. But it takes pretty good still shots and video (more on the next part)

It has image stabilization for still images and a Zeiss Tessar lens. How cool is that? Since when have you seen a camera that proudly displays the brand name of the lens on it ? While I am not a camera person, the image is clear even with the wide angle lens on it .

The camera by itself is claimed to be 67grams but mine came in at 69grams with a SD card in it .

It is not really big either, its smaller than my palm

For the weight of  about 1/5 of a water bottle, you can have 2 (mounted front and back) cameras on your bike for safety !

The camera ironically doesnt come in a variety of colors, it only comes in white. According to the salesman, the reason is because there were cases of overheating on the old model and thus decided to use white instead to reduce the risk of the video camera overheating.
Other features, includes are inbuilt GPS and wifi (more on that the next part)

The AS100v comes with two optional accessories purchased separately, the live view remote and the handlebar mount. I did not purchase the live view remote but basically it is like a CPU that is able to control up to 4 camera at one go while enabling you to take a look at what the camera is recording. The handlebar mount comes with 3 different padding to accomdate different handlebar diameters

Shown here mounted on my bike. I really wish that Sony had come out with a better design for the mount, it does not really absorb the shocks on the road well enough. While I do not really know the cost of it since I got it free with the camera purchase, I wish it could be more shock absorbing and hopefully made out of metal,. Thanfully, the As100v come with a universal camera mount that enables you to mount with other handlebar mounts like the K edge

In a nutshell
The camera is priced lower than the go pro3 and has rather good starting accessories. However, some accessories could have been better . Still at a little over 400sgd, its a pretty good buy compared to the more expensive and bench mark setting Gopro 3.

Part two will focus more on the camera’s functions and videos as well as the functions of the proprietary software used by Sony, which is Playmemories


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