Bicycle licensing in Singapore ?

With the recent spat of videos showing cyclists running red lights and drafting vehicles, the spotlight has turn on cyclists; with calls to license cyclists, have punishment for errant cyclists and as well having cyclists taking compulsory basic theory similar for those taking a driver license. I guess the spark started with a cyclist running a redlight (very common) being caught on tape (not very common)

Followed by a Member of Parliament making the suggestion that cyclist should be licensed.

There are many drivers asking why cyclists should be allowed on the road and why do they not pay any taxes to use the road like road tax, COE and ERP.If implemented, we will be the first country in the world to implement tax for bicycles!

Suggestions and their flaws
1.Licensing for cyclists
Looks easy on paper right? Ask everybody in Singapore to take the basic theory and should they fail, not be allowed on the road. How about setting the age limit ?  How old should one be when they take the test and should they not be of age, should they be allowed on bicycles ?How about foreigners who happen to be here for work and wants to cycle, how do we license them?

2.License plate for bicycle
Another ridiculous suggestion.How much should the tax be ? Given the number of modifications we can do to a bicycle, which part of the bicycle do we tag the license plate to?What about licensing bicycles that are currently in Singapore?How much should the licensing fee be given that a bicycle can be purchased cheaply for as low as 50 SGD

Licensing is not only a unnecessary red tape nor will it help cyclists have their rights on the road. I highly doubt that licensing would reduce the number of incidents happening between drivers and cyclists. Rather, it is a very unconventional forms of tax revenue (should it be applied)

There can be no one solution that would be compromise the rights of both parties without affecting the rights of the other.The answer however would be for both parties to respect the rights and existence of all road users; respect all road rules and to be more gracious to each other and stop rushing.


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