Look Keo Blade: First Ride Review

Remember the broken Keo Max 2 in the previous post ? Well was pretty upset that I had to spent some money to change something that should not be giving problems despite many years of service. Looked around the second hand market for alternatives and found a brand new Look Keo Blade! At just 60SGD (listed price) more than a Keo 2 max, it is an upgrade in terms of the full carbon body and the unique carbon blade.

Finally purchased the pedals from a guy who says that the pedals are from a frameset that he purchased which is a Look 596. It was new and I paid slightly below the retail price found in Chain Reaction.As a testament as to how light it was, I stuffed the pedals plus cleats in my pocket while sitting on the train back home and boy I did not feel anything at all,not even my pants dropping!


Claimed weight for the pedals was 115grams per side which comes up to a total of 230grams for both sides. Mine was slightly lighter at 228grams. Compared to the Look Keo Max 2

Heavier at 261grams.

Main Differences for the weight are

  1. The Carbon Fiber body of the Look Keo Blade and the plastic body of the Keo 2 Max
  2. The lack of the rentention spring instead using a “carbon fiber blade”

Cleats surface area is the same as the Keo 2 max and that is the difference about it.

First RideFriend invited me for a ride the same day i got the pedal provided I ride a mountain bike with slicks. And so I did,

Well there are two version of the pedal a 12nm (which was the one I bought) and 16nm.One must wonder what 12nm feels like ? Apparently, it is slightly tighter than the Keo Max2 original setting and my soon to wear out year old cleat in very well. It feels the same as the Keo Max 2 except that I needed a little more force to clip in and out.

ConclusionLook has done an amazing job with the pedals, shaving weight using an innovative blade system and a carbon fiber body. However, I must question the durability of the “Blade” given that it is made out of carbon fiber. Given the material brittleness at breaking upon impact, I wonder whether the Blade would be as durable as the Keo Max2 for the normal everyday cyclist. Only time will tell as to whether the blade will be as long lasting as the time proven spring retention system.The weight savings is good but this is not an area to look at for weight savings as reliability is the number one concern for pedals

In conclusion, Look has done a very good job at pursing innovation using 21st century materials and technologies on something as simple as the clipless pedal.



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