Tips on riding safe in Singapore

Was on a forum when one guy posted a question on how to stay safe and keep safe while riding on Singapore roads. While it may not be applicable to those who ride in huge groups in the dawn or late hours in the night, It is applicable to those who want to commute around on a bicycle on the road instead of the pavement.

Very often, riding on the road is much faster as you do not have to contend with pedestrians, and winding paths that lead to nowhere, or broken pavements. Also, the free draft from moving vehicles make you go faster,somehow.

Here are 10 tips to ride safe.
1.Don’t farking wobble on the road. this includes starting from a traffic light and clipping on your shoes. if you wobble, chances are you going to kena get horned, which makes you more gan cheong anxious and in turn might cause you to fall.

2.At the red lights ?Don’t go infront of the vehicle and wait at the traffic light like a kuku.idiot. Wait behind the vehicle, Don’t cut queue beccause they were there first. Exception is they turning left into a pedestrian crossing and you going straight.

3.Dont be a pussy and take the double yellow line, take the ENTIRE lane if necessary. If you take the lane when cars horn at you, at least you can siam go back into the double yellow line. if you already at the double yellow line and you chua tio got shocked at the horn. Good luck to you! Because you are most likely going to eat the pavement.

4.You wanna change lane do sheet, wanna pee wanna stop, please farking signal.If you for some reason, due to being wobbly or not confident enough to give a signal at least give a cursory glance and let them (Drivers) know what you want to do. dont just cut across the lane like a maniac.

5.You wanna ride two abreast, can it is possible but please make sure you are riding above 35kph, riding two abreast makes you irritating stick out like a sorethumb to drivers but if you move at the same flow of traffic, then they wont mind.

6.You wanna use the walkaway after you use the road ? Don’t just dash into the walkway. Always slowly slow down and check clear before moving into the walkaway, i nearly kena had a near miss hit by a car at the zebra crossing cause i did not check clear and just went onto to the pedestrain zebra crossing.

7.Please have working front and rear lights at night and don’t blind the farking driver with it.

8.Watch out for idiots, and ride safe, if you see idiotic drivers and you scared you cannot overtake just slow down and wait behind that idiot,a few seconds of slowing down will not kill you, and of course dont be an idiot yourself

9.For some reason should you need to run a red light,please double and triple check clear before you run a red light. personally i don’t run those + junction i only run those T shape junction and only when i am going straight

10.If unsure of traffic, just treat all users of the road like an idiot this means signalling excessively and keeping road awareness to the maximum.Do not listen to mp3,phone calls or any other music.Try not to get distracted by hot ladies/guys walking on the street. You need your full sense of sight and hearing in order to negotiate down the road.

Post edited for vulgarities and local words being blanked out.


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