Handlebar Corrosion

Just replaced my 3T Egronova Handlebar after a routine visit to the bike shop revealed that the handlebar is disintegrating due to corrosion. After the change, went back home to my disbelief dad who said that “aluminum cant corrode”. Well, while I am not surprised that it corroded, I am not pleased with the time. My handlebar is only around 1 and a half years old and it looks like a POS.

If the new handlebar corrodes again in a year, I guess  I have to fork out the money to change to a carbon one! The cost (at around 3 times the price) is detering me from changing to the Egronova Team. Though this time, it is for safety reason rather than the  cosmetic/weight reasons.


About sadisticnoob

A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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