Ride to Sunrise 2012

Ride to Sunrise is an event organized by the People’s Association of Singapore. It’s aim is to promote safe cycling and to persuade people to pick up cycling as a hobby.It’s secondary role is to promote bonding and community spirit in meeting other people that live around Singapore. Thus it is not a speed event for the speed demons in people. Rather,there are several convoys that people can follow while riding slowly around Singapore. Participants cam choose either a 80km full route or a shorter 55km route.

I did the safety recce route as a volunteer after getting “scammed” into joining the event. I must say that being ignorant of the speed, I brought my road bike to the event. By the time I was halfway through the event, I felt tired mainly because of the lack of adrenaline and just overall bored with the event. Spent the entire event talking crap and motivating the other volunteers to continue on for the event for some; its their first time riding 80km!


After coming back from a lay off of 2 weeks due to national commitments and holiday, I went to the event, after borrowing a mountain bike for the event. Event day was slightly delayed due to a shower that occurred in the afternoon. Still the shower managed to stop before event time and slowly went down in the mountain bike.

After the briefing and dinner off we go! First stop was Gardens@ the bay at the marina barrage. Trip there was mostly uneventful with a participant jam braking in the middle of the one lane road because she cant hear the commands.And after a 1 hour delay due to a logistic issue, off we go to west coast park.

I am surprised the route organizers chose a hilly route that passes through Jalan Bukit Merah rather than Keppel road. Though Keppel Road is slightly more dangerous due to the slip road into the expressway on the left side of the road, going through Bukit Merah would mean stopping at many traffic lights and generally annoying the other traffic passing through the heartlands. Let us not forget the slip road leading to the Central Expressway as well after bypassing SGH! Still it was still uneventful as nothing happen and some cars graciously gave way.

After West Coast park, the next stop was ITE college west in Chua Chu Kang. By then some participants are tired. While I do not know any who gave up, there was an incident that made me pissed off. There was this cyclist who was on his hybrid bike and in the midst of changing his gears, he knocked onto my bike! While apologizing, I was still pissed that how could one be so irresponsible as to not look out for other users as well ? Luckily I did not fall down which could be perhaps due to the low speed and the rather heavy bike. If I was on a road bike and at a higher speed I would have fallen off.

Nothing eventful happened after though lots of participants gave up at around Sembawang area due to the hills and general undulating motion of the road. Still, the event slow speed meant that most could finish the event and this itself is an achievement for some as this was their first experience riding on the road!

Ask me to go for the event again? Well I would not, this event is catered for beginners and I would not even recommend it for the weekend warriors. Logistics issues with the axillary police as well as long break times meant that bodies cooled down and it was difficult to restart after each rest break.

If I were to sum up the event, I can think of it as running a full marathon but stopping at every 10km mark and rest for up to 2 hours before continuing on again.

Still Kudos to the organizing team for making such a big effort to organize such an event, which is good work for a team that consists of all volunteers!








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