Events for Singapore cycling end 2012-2013

Here is the list of the confirmed cycling event for Singapore for the next 6 months or so

Ride to Sunrise 2012

Cost :30sgd for own bike (S$28 if passion card holder)
Distance:80km or 50km
Time and Date:22nd December 2012
6.30pm (80km)
8.30pm (50km)

Thoughts:Worth going with a “free” cycling jersey thrown in.

Singapore Cycle Fest 2013

Cost: 68sgd for the cycling route
Time and Date: 23rd Febuary 2013

Thoughts:68sgd to be part of the world records ? No thanks

Ocbc Cycle Singapore 2013

Cost: From 170 SGD-22.50SGD depends on the time you signed up to whether you have discont.

OCBC card holders/returning cyclists/students from past years have up to 15% off
Distance: Criterium (I do not know how many rounds but 1 round is approximately 1.5km)
40 Km Nissan Challenge
60Km Super Challenge
24Km Community Ride
Time and Date:26-28 April 2013
TBA based on event.
Generally,Friday is the “Pro” Criterium while Sunday is the event for the 24,40,60 km events. Saturday evening is normally for the “criterium”

Thoughts: Scared of crowds? Don’t turn up. Scared of Crashes? Don’t Turn up. Singapore’s biggest mass cycling event. I am sitting out for this one due to close proximity for exams. Booths for the event day though are worth taking a look.

NTU Bike Rally

Cost: 45 SGD
Time and Date: 23rd Febuary 2013
Timing TBA

Thoughts:I do not know how it is going to work since its going to be in conjunction with the convoy event of the Singapore Cycle Fest. Registration fee includes a jersey and is somewhat on open roads though there may be auxiliary policemen who will help block the roads.It is not a race, rather it is an event where it is at a relaxed pace. Good for those who did not attempt long distance cycling  and want to try this time. A very well organized event as I have been going for the past 2 years. This is despite the fact that it is organized by  university undergraduates (full time volunteers!)

Updated 06/01/13

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2 Responses to Events for Singapore cycling end 2012-2013

  1. Does the organiser needs Safety Marshall on bike?
    I have experience from See and be Seen bike event.

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