Desaru Trip

Its been over a week or 2 since this happened !A short 50km trip to a beach resort sounds easy, about a 2 hour journey; but not when you are loaded with a change of clothing and riding a rickey rackey mountain bike! That’s what 17 people from my school did when they embarked on the journey.

Initially, I wanted to bring my own borrowed mountain bike. But after waking up and feeling generally shitty, I decided to bring my road bike. I will pay for that decision 10s of kilometers later.Went off to meet the group and I am quite excited. I have never ridden with people of my age for a very long time! The last time I did it was back in Junior College around Singapore. Since then, I have either been riding with Uncles who are fat and balding and the very fast mid 30s-40s.

After picking up the bikes, off we go for a 1.25 hour boat ride to the Malaysian side! First up was a pretty fast 18km bike ride to the sleeply town of Sungei Rengit for Lunch. My group leader had the unfortunate mishap of crashing twice while along this stretch. Had to be bundled up to the safety vehicle complete with his bike as he had pretty bad abrasions to the palm and to other parts of the bodies.

After a very nice seafood lunch, off we went for the second leg of the journey. Had to cyclocross for about 300 meters at the beginning and later for another 500 meters due to rocks,gravel and shitty path. Well was wondering whether the rocks had punctured my tires or scratched my frame. To my surprise, it didn’t!Continental GP4000s is really puncture resistant.

Initially, I told my group to look out for a double uphill signifying the end of the climb. However as more and more upslope start coming in, it becomes harder for us to differentiate , no problem for me as I’m on a 8 kg road bike, but problematic for them as they are on a >15kg mountain bike! Started to look for rest points  every 30-40 minutes as I am not so sure we will be shagged out from ridding. No worries, a makeshift bus stop and a plantation served as the impromptu stop point.

We were rewarded at the end point with a nice beach resort with all sorts of entertainment and amenities provided. For me it was not the slow speed that bothered me, nor the hot weather. Important thing is that we must encourage one another (especially for the first timers) to push on and finish the trip. For me it marked the end of a consecutive 3 days of super strenuous exercise.(20km run on Thursday night;120km bike ride on Friday morning;followed by a 40km bike ride in the night and finally this trip) What mattered to me is the camaraderie from the trip, something which I don’t often see in any group rides in Singapore.

PS: There was one random day I was ridding along when a cyclist came up to me and told me that he somehow stumbled across my blog! While I am not so sure about my writing ability, it is good to know that people actually read my blog.


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