Token T60 (650C) Review

In my earlier post,I stated that I have bought a Cervelo P1 and am now using it as the main TT bike. At the same time, I have also purchased a Token T60 as well but I did not have the chance to use it as it is hard to source a 650c Tubular tire.Finally, after a month or so, I had the tires (a pair of Continental Tubular sprinter). Quickly send to the LBS for mounting and rode it in place of the Easton Vista.

New inside the box.

Accessories provided
1 pair of quick release skwewer
1 pair of valve extension
1 pair of carbon specific brake pad by equinox
A sheet of inspection paper stating the truing tolerances and the weight of the product

A standard set of accessories when buying wheelset. What surprises me the most is the inclusion of the inspection sheet. Unlike other manufacturers where they simply put an inspection card stating that it has been checked correctly, for Token, we can see their tolerances limit and how untrue/true the wheel is complete with tension. A big thumbs up to them.All in a nice wrapped up pouch

Wheel Review
The wheel shape is not the latest toroidal shape by Zipp nor the dimpled design. It is a simple normal V rim design which is as the name implies 60mm in depth. My deepest wheel prior to owning this wheelset was the 38/50mm. Transiting on to a 60mm wheelset, I did not feel that much of a difference as it was smaller than the standard wheel. Weight wise it was weighted in at 662 gram for the front and 779 grams for the rear. Accelerating it was not very difficult and there is that nice swoosh sound commonly associated with deep rim wheels. Despite the wheels being equipped with the so called “tiramic” bearings. (ti coated ceramic bearings) I am not convinced that it is better than the fulcrum bearings that I know and love.

On the city roads covered with buildings, the wheel is good and sucking in draft from vehicles is not too bad. The deep rim means that big trucks will unsettle the bike. It was a joy to ride with as it was easy to maintain a certain speed due to the aerodynamics and the aerobars. I still doubt as to whether an average rider would be able to fully utilize the wheels as aerodynamics are only apparent at higher speed.

Out on coastal road, strong “sumatra squall” batter the wheel and being small size, I can sometimes feel that I’m losing control over the bike. I haven’t actually tested it on really strong crosswinds or headwinds, guess I have to wait till the monsoon season in December.

In conclusion, it is overall a good wheel for the dwindling 650c market. Finding tires might be a chore but it compensates with lower profile on the road. As for “tiramic bearings”, I think it is a marketing gimmick but it better prove to be a reliable system.Smaller wheel means lighter and easier to accelerate !



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