Cervelo Rant

Though Cervelo engineering is top notch and they are the leader in bicycle aerodynamics. Other parts of their frame and parts such as their seat post and their brake pads are absolutely a pain in the ass to work with. Though I am a big supporter of their frames, their proprietary seatpost, and aeroshaped tubes means that most rear lights would mount very awkwardly in weird position.

Their seatpost is a 2 bolt design

1 tightening bolt and the other to adjust the tilt. I have a hard time taking off the old saddle and putting on a new 1 should I change the saddle, which normally means I don’t change saddle often. The plate at the top and bottom doesn’t hold the saddle very tightly as well when all the screws are loosened.

The mach brake pad holder is another issue, why not a simple cross/flat tipped design for the bolt holding the brake pad instead of something which is round headed ?I dont even think it is a hex shaped bolt.Had to cannibalize some of the ones that I have from the Shimano 5600 brakes and they work perfectly, and easier to change brake pads as well.

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  1. thx. shopping now for new and have a cervelo in mind. will look for these issues.

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