The delicate balance of life,work,sports and play

And I finally have some time to blog after been hard at work and giving tuition to kids. At the same time, I have been hard at work running in preparation for a half marathon and cycling to keep the standards up. I just realized that it is hard to keep a proper balance, one side of me want to earn as much as possible so as to reduce reliance on my parents, yet there is this other side of my mind that tells me to stop working since my parents are still somewhat supporting me.

Getting to exercise after work requires much willpower to overcome the lethargic and tiredness after work. A trained athlete might even give up sports totally due to harsh work.Time is also limited to 24 hours per day and take out 16 hours for sleep and work and not much time is left for sports as there are other social obligations. However having a little exercise makes you more alert and focused at work. It leaves me a question. Is it possible to be a trained athlete despite one holding a full time job ?

Unless your company is employee friendly or very into alternative lifestyle where they would be supportive. An ordinary person would find it hard to even compete at national levels let alone international level. That is what I hope would change in Singapore given its emphasis on worker’s productivity and profit numbers.


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A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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