Cranky issues

That its, Kaput! My Easton EC 90 crank bought last June is showing signs of crank detachment from the spindle. Initially when I bought it, online reviews indicated that this problem is apparent in this crank; and that me being small size would mean that I would not be strong enough to damage the crank. Turns out that I was very wrong.

above picture shows where the bond between the carbon and the aluminum spindle has weakened. What a whammy with less than a week to the big race! While it has lasted only around 5000 km or so, I like the crank, more so than the DuraAce 7800 crank that I am using now. I wished that the bond was more lasting and I can use it more!

Easton has generously offered a refund for the price that I paid for after contacting them. Good service from them !Do not know what crank I should get if the refund is successful but I am looking at the Fulcrum Racing Torq as a replacement.


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