Update on Life: 3 weeks to Ipoh Century Ride

3 weeks to the penultimate ride for this year, a grueling, tough 160km bike ride in Malaysia consisting of hills that are taller than Mount Faber in Singapore and with never ending roads. I have not been riding 100km consistently for a long time.I wonder if i can even survive in a 40 kph peleton for 4 and a half hour if I were to go for the ride soon!Will I get dropped behind and do an ITT all the way to the finish line?

Besides the apparent fitness problem, I also have mechanical problems with the bike as well. It all started out as an innocuous problem with the shifting of what seemed to be mild chain rub of the front derailleur. Tried to adjust but ran out of cable. So off I went to the shop. Upon removal of the cable this is what I discovered

That’s some of the shifter cable sticking out of the cable housing! Since my cables haven’t been changed since I got the bike,decided to change both the front and rear derailleur cables. Upon changing the cables, found out that the rear derailleur has decided to die on me and I changed to a new one. Boy was I left feeling poor.

Just when I thought the bad luck streak was over, I went for a “normal” 85km with my group on Sunday. Ate only 1 slice of bread before going and paid for the price during the ride. Was so hungry that I did not concentrate properly and wiped out by clipping into a rider when she slowed down suddenly at around 35kph.

Escaped with abrasions on my arms and legs but the same couldn’t be said for my bicycle. 2 spokes on the front wheel broke and my hanger cracked rendering my bicycle useless.Had to hail a cab back and nursed my injuries.

Hopefully will be able to recover fully in the weekends and start riding again! The next week will surely be better and less shitty!

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A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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