Race Review : Tri-Factor 60km “Challenge”

One of the smaller races in Singapore. The organizer Orange Room organizes a swim event. run event, bike event and as well as a triathlon. Collectively, the 4 events are under the Tri-factor family. They have a variety of distances to cater to different skills and endurance levels. The event that I did the bike event comes in various distances from 80km (by invite) ,60km,40 km  and 20km and the 5km (For fun only) I signed up for the 60km as I done the 40km last year and wanted more of a challenge this year. It is also a draft-legal race that allows tri bikes and clip on aerobars

All of the distances are held on the same course which is held on Changi Coastal Road.Route map is here. Basically A circuit race of 10km with a sharp 180 degree turn at both ends of the road. The sharp bend plus the lack of any climbs in the circuit makes it difficult to chase a pack and should you get dropped makes it hard to get back onto the pack. Add in the Sumatran squalls and the lack of  any wind-blocking buildings in the area usually mean that going one side has headwind and going the other side has tailwind.

Having exams and holidays mean that I started serious training with 2 weeks to spare. Add on the balding super used tires and the worn out cassette and chain also means that I have to spent money to get it done. 1st week : 150km 2nd week 400km at various speeds. Did not feel I had done adequate preparations for this race due to it being close proximity with my exams.

Woke up early and took a slow ride to the starting point.Was pleasantly surprised to find some mountain bikers and some foldable bikes there. My god kudos to them for finishing the distance! I was under the 60km wave so it the second 1 to be started.After the 1st wave went off.It was our wave turn to start!

Made a HUGE tactical error by not lining up in the front of the race. I was relaxing at the middle when the race flagged off. Due to people inexperience at not clipping and also the slower riders, couldn’t make my way to the front. By the time I manage to have an open space to chase. The front pack was already about a minute in front. Which is almost impossible to chase. Decided to settle in and relax in the second pack. Did a little work for about 3-4 km and settle inside the pack. Was quite boring due to it being loops around a flat circuit. Those 180 deg turns are quite narrow as well only about 3-4 lanes wide.Thankfully though I did not see any crashes happen this year.Managed to get a second placing for sprint.(After seeing the photos, found out that I was 5th!) Almost did not make it as I started to sprint off with 2.5km remaining and then realized that it was still too early to sprint. Finally sprinted off with 200m as I was pretty tired from the earlier sprint. Top speed of 50kph recorded on my garmin! Came in 32nd overall, not a bad timing but I was not happy with it

Lessons Learnt
Always go to the front of the pack if you want to win

I’m  the 4th/5th guy on the red helmet.Somehow I don’t look shagged.

An okay race although I was pretty dissapointed at not getting into the first pack. Did not do so much work since there were many people in my pack.I wish though they could segregate the fast and slower rider to have a staggered start so that the slower riders will not block up the way. Still for a small event it could do better especially with the 180 deg turn to be wider.


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