Types of cyclists you meet

Very often there are several quirky people in the cycling group,often with distinct characteristics. Some can be very irritating, others tolerable and pleasant. Here is the non-exhaustible list.

The Leader
Very often (sometimes not) the strongest rider in the group. A very charismatic and likeable person.He’s the one that you cannot overtake. And if you overtake, he will usually have a word with you after the ride.If not, he will be the one inside the group barking orders. While they might be physically strong and tactically smart, he usually not the first to cross the “sprint” point (they are the sprinters) as he might have done much work and run out of steam before the finishing point. Sometimes in the run-up to the sprint zone he might not be able to cope with the speed and get dropped by the sprint pack.

The Sprinter
The first person to cross the sprint point. Can either be dressed in the latest colors and having the flashiest bike or more often than not riding a 10 years old bike. His mentality to be first at all costs usually means he is the one that runs red lights and draft fast, large moving objects. His desire to “one up” all cyclists usually mean that they will not pull the pack usually cocksucking wheelsucking all the way till the sprint zone where he will attempt to pull off and secure a nice victory. In non sprint zone areas, rotating him to the front would see him pull off to the side of the road or would see him signalling to let other people do the pull. An extremely selfish person and usually the most hated person in the team.

Stronger sprinters would usually do some work at the front and disappear into the group with a few kilometers left. He will then somehow miraculously appear at the sprint zone and might take first place. More often than not he will die off with just meters to spare.Hero to some, scum to most.

The Domestique
Not to be confused with The Leader. While they might share similar traits, the domestique is not as charismatic as the Leader. Normally situated at the front in the group pulling the pack. Best described as as a mindless machine that keeps on going as the mileage increases. The unsung hero of the pack and quickly forgotten. At sprint zones, he may or may not get dropped depending on how much fuel is left in the tank.

The “Rest”
The rest of the people that makes up the rest of the group. They might share characteristics of the other 3 types. Not as strong as the domestiques and sprinters. “The rest” comes in many different forms. From doctors with expensive bikes to students with entry level bikes. More often than not, they are just glad that they can keep up with the group and not get dropped. They will usually get dropped at sprint points as they will not be able to keep up even when in the slipstream. Often they will respect the sprinter for his ability to sprint but once they find out they find out that the sprinter doesn’t do any work, the respect will turn to disrespect.


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