Something interesting: Pro Vs Amateur

Here is our perception of pro riders.
1.Always have a pro car whenever they ride thus they never ever carry spares, tubes tires or pump/tube. Of course with the exception of pro Triathletes that’s a different case

2.Whenever they have a flat or puncture, neutral or team car will pass a spare wheel or tire to enable them to continue to ride.

3.They either do not know how to fix a puncture since they always have a mechanic ready to fix any potential problems in their equipment

Of course for amateur riders, since we are riding all the time. we either flag a cab back home or fix the puncture good enough to limp home. I am sure all of us had our first puncture experience where we sat down on the road side wondering what happen and attempting to fix it just good enough for the ride home.

And I was reading an interesting article from Bikeradar here just now where they had a featured pro bike and Chris Horner had a full complement of tools available to fix a puncture! Just when we thought they spend all available power to ride faster, here is a pro who knows his stuff!


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