Rant:Chain Cleaner Tool

When I first started learning how to clean and maintain the drive train, I thought I bought the holy grail of chain cleaning which is a chain cleaner tool manufactured by Finish Line (though it is manufactured by other companies) as shown in the Finish Line website

Quite a simple concept. Just add your choice of degreasers to the required level and just spin your chain through while closing your chain into the system.It’s that simple! It comes with a magnet to trap those metallic gunk and 3 brushes to thoroughly clean your chain.

Well it sounds very easy to use and I forgotten about it until this week when i took apart the bike for cleaning again and was trying to figure out how to extend the life of my chain. I happen to see it lying around and decided to give it a shot.

Moment I filled up with degreaser and begin to spin it thru the chain, some of the degreaser together with some gunk decided to flow through the opening at the sides dripping onto the floor. Moreover, some of the degreaser on the chain also dripped out on the floor as well creating a huge mess on the floor.

I finally knew why I decided to stick to the old paper/cloth towel method. Because it is drip-free and though it waste more paper at least I didnt have to mop the floor after that.


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