Review: OGK Mostros

After selling off my LG Diamond Helmet, I decided I needed a replacement since my Dad is complaining about the color of my OGK Regas. Decided to wait till the recent OCBC Cycle Lifestyle Village cum exhibitions to see what they had on sale. To my surprise,I saw the OGK Mostros on sale at almost half price(S$140). Decided to buy it as I was very happy with the fitting of my Regas, I bought the Mostros with the assumption that the fit would be about the same. And it did not disappoint.

OGK (also known as OGK Kabuto)is a Japanese company more famous for making motorcycle helmets. Its cycling helmets have started to gain in popularity due to its weight,design and fitting. As it is one of the few Asian helmet manufacturers, its helmet has a very good fit to the Asian head shape (at least to mine). According to their website (with the help of Google translate)their helmet are  “wind-tunnel tested” and are subjected to several rigorous crash tests. It has also been approved by the Japanese Cycling Federation as well for the usage of it.

First Impression
I had first felt the difference between the Regas and the Mostros when I bought my Regas. But at that time I could not afford the Mostros due to its staggering price tag.The difference I can see is only the weight difference(it feels alot lighter) and that’s it. No other cosmetic differences.

The thing that shocked me the most was the weight.Claimed weight online showed that it was 190G for the S size. But mine weighted 176G what a surprise! It really feels lighter as compared to the Regas.

As for colours, while this had red,white,blue I actually wanted a more neutral color like black or white.Unfortunately, when I bought it, the shop was left with only blue,yellow or this color.Fortunately, I am not a purist matching jerseys to helmet to bike.Still I must say the helmet looked good enough for me

According to the OGK website,the helmets comes with anti-insect netting and a ” class lock bromide -7″(Google translate) . While anti-insect netting is good, I have personally never come across an occasion where my helmet had insects inside the netting.While I don’t know what is class lock bromide -7, I suppose it means that the locking system is easy to secure and loosen.

First Ride
Finally managed to go for a ride today and put on the new helmet. Short of throwing the helmet of the floor to test its crash-worthiness,the helmet feels a little lighter. Adjusted the straps properly but due to just a quick adjustment, the straps are slapping my face at high speeds.Helmet fitting is the same as the Regas,without the straps pressing against my temples. As long as the helmet fits and is comfortable,I’m fine with it. Lightweight is an extra benefit though, a good to have.

At S$140, the helmet is a bargain(I bought the Regas for S$163!). A pity that due to limited stock and limited offer, this price is sort of a one-off offer. If only the price of the helmet is lowered to about S$240-250 I am sure that the Mostros will have a huge share of the market due to its light weight and its Asian fit.


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