Ocbc cycle lifestyle village

Went down to the F1 pit building to collect my “race pack”(I don’t get it they refer to it as a community event yet they call you down to collect your race pack ?) At the same time, went to take a look at the lifestyle village that they have. (A fanciful name for exhibition,complete with Starbucks cafe at the side)

Only managed to get a OGK Mostro helmet (will be giving a review soon) and some cheap energy gel(S$10 for 5 packets!) taste like extra thick fruit juice quite good tasting as compared to other more prominent brands.

Went to several of the exhibitors to talk and to try out several of their products as well

First went to Shimano store and grabbed the Mostro. I have been wanting to get a helmet for sometime and was expecting it to be in the S$200 range. To my surprise, it was going for S$140 a very hefty 50% discount. Though they were letting go the not popular colors. The helmet i got reminds me of Captain America,Red/white combinations with buts of blue at the back.

Next, went over to the Soon Watt booth to meet up with an old friend,Nigel! Showed me his latest products and not the bikes. Which is the power crank and the suplest shoes. No pictures for now but I will remember to take it if i go there on Saturday or Sunday.Went on the trainer to try the power crank and the shoes. Shoes were okay. fitted quite well though I wasn’t wearing socks.Power crank experience though was funny. I thought my co-ordination was okay but to my surprise, my left leg was lagging behind the motion of the right leg.A training device to aid recovery and improve your training efficiency and used by 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist winner Samuel Sanchez ,Nigel says. But I suspect I will not be getting any soon till I rake in the $. Edit: Here are the pictures of it!

Bikes with the powercrank. Note the drive side and non drive side crank arm facing downwards.

Someone trying out the powercrank.Oh boy was he suffering.

Several other bike shops was showcasing their latest products such as Cervelo, Storck,Boardman Bikes,Focus,Polygon Brompton and the list goes on and on. Nothing really interesting about bikes. I mean why get another bike when you have one of the best aluminum road bike frames on the planet? Shall take some crappy pictures when I’m there tomorrow. Went down second day to get some pictures

Fibre Flare on sale. Din get it as both of my bikes already had rear lights.

Some random Boardman bikes and genesis bike

Brompton Bikes! Sexy and a fashion statement for some, but not for me.

S5 and P3 on display. Thought they will display the P4 but i forgot production stopped.

Storck Aero 2 I believe. Tour of Qatar Edition.

And looks who is there! Markus Storck the founder of Storck bicycles.

Gold plated bike. Not my taste. Cant bear to ride it lest it get scratched,damaged or even worse, cracked.

Polygon Track Bike. I wonder why they even brought it out as there are no velodomes in Singapore yet.

When to try out athlete Lab virtual cycling simulator as well. Works like a trainer and instead of looking at TV, Books,Studies or nothing they plugged in one huge projector and replayed one of those classic mountain stages on the tour. Cool thing about it is that it measures your power output as well as putting out your threshold level that your supposed to obtained quite a good thing. Tried it out for a while and seems quite interesting that the trainer can somehow increase/decrease your resistance while on the move. Allows you to race against your own friends as well!

Edit: Day 2, Shimano booth displayed a bike with ultegra di2 for everybody to try. Went  to hop on the bike and try. The shifting is good, almost instantaneous with just a click of a button.

One young rider trying out the bike.

And some pictures taken from downstairs

Like father like son

Kids and parents roaring to go!

Daddy urging son on.

At the end of the day.

Entire collection + gels (the package was bad this year) but one year I remembered they gave out free shavers!Jersey is a very subdued black design this year.

jersey design. A huge contrast to the White/Red design

Good idea this year.An rfid tag mounted on the sticker on the bike itself !

Energy gel that I bought.

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  1. lexmarq says:

    Cool, I got the same helmet as you from the roadshow, it’s quite a steal!

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