Commuting In Singapore

I read with great interest in not only mainstream media but also the social media on the increasing number of people in Singapore commuting by bicycle. Singapore with its relatively flat terrain and sans the high humidity and high temperature; is almost a cycling paradise. Personally, I have tried to commute to work in the military and commercial workplace. And my experience has been a fruitful eventful one.

When I was working in the military, one good thing about it is that I do not have lock my bicycle at all. Since a bike would be pretty prominent as there is not many in camp. Moreover, there is no need to lock up the bike in the bunk as everybody trusts each other and lost items would not be good to maintain buddies in the system. I have tried it with my camp on the west side and my home on the eastern part of the island. Took about 2 hours to commute. Surprisingly it was just a little over 30 minutes slower than my normal commute by public transport. Though I made the journey under the cover of darkness where it is very cooling and by riding slowly, there will be hardly any sweat, leaving you fresh and awake to start whatever activity you have in the night.

I traveled to my former working place by bicycle too in the morning to try just for fun and my experience was not a good one. Let’s just say that security for certain places makes me think twice about parking a bike there lest it gets stolen.And it was in a governmental building.

Singapore with its flat terrain also means that it is easy to cycle and go around as one can just select a gearing that he is comfortable with and start pedaling around. No need to go fast and start sweating, simply just pedal slowly, soak in the sights and scenery and enjoy the hot breeze. Though I think it will be suicidal to do it in the afternoon (1200-1400) because the sun rays are really hot

As for the experience of riding on the roads, as you do not swerve around or do stupid things I am sure that most cars will stay away from you most of the time. And of course sticking to the extreme left lane unless you are turning off to the right at the next junction would be also good as cyclists are “slow” moving vehicles. As long as one practices safe and good road etiquette, I don’t see why commuting in Singapore is not possible.


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