Review : LG Diamond VS OGK Regas

Recently my Specialized helmet netting just decided to rot off and since my OGK helmet is still drying, i decided to open up my new LG Diamond and give it shot at it. Well of course, a comparsion is a must so i decided to compare it against the OGK Regas since they are both are the only helmets i have and have roughly the same price tag.

A good helmet should be able to fit the head well;weight color IMHO are optional. But unfortunately this helmet did not fit my head from the start.

LG (not Life’s Good the giant Korean electronic manufacturer) is Louis Garneau. Thought it was a Taiwanese brand but a quick search using Google revealed that it was a Canadian cyclist name and I think he is the owner of the brand. They have some pretty good value for money bike that I saw over at Hup Leong. They make a whole lots of parts as well but I rarely see their apparels and components in Singapore, only commonly see their bikes.

OGK is a Japanese company more famous in the motor cycling world for their helmets, gloves, and everything. I always see motorcyclist with the helmet bags of either Shoei or OGK. They have only 3-4 models of Bicycle Helmets and each is looking very cool.

First Impression
Color is nice, matches well with my cervelo with a red/white combination. At least better looking than my OGK green/white combination. Initally, when I bought it, even the M size was pressing against the temples of my head. So I bought the L size as it doesn’t seem to press that bad. First time I wore today, it was pressing slightly against the temples not that it was pain but rather a dull “catching” sensation. I think I must have looked like a dick as I could feel that it was way too big at all angles except the middle part.

Came back home and weighted side by side the Regas and Diamond. Diamond L size weights 322 grams and the Regas  M size weights in at 245 grams. I thought it was abit heavy, more so considering that it looks to have more cutouts than the OGK. Not that a diffference of 70 grams will make it more difficult to ride. It also comes with washable netting which i really really like. The back strap is also easy to adjust with a turnbuckle-like object just turn back and forth to adjust the tightness. Should you choose to wash the netting for whatever reason, LG has kindly come up with extras in a separate accessory bag.


  • Really nice color
  • Washable strap


  • Weight
  • Doesn’t fit my head that well

Maybe the helmet is not suited for my head, but overall i am  not really pleased with the helmet i am sticking back to my OGK once the netting has been washed. For replacements though, I might even buy back OGK back since it fits really well.

Edit:Some pictures i taken using Iphone

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4 Responses to Review : LG Diamond VS OGK Regas

  1. Isaac says:

    Can you give more details or comments about your OGK?
    I have an LG, really old, that I need to replace. However, all helmets I try squish the side of my head to some degree. Probably because I have round Asian head and unfortunately where I live, they do not cater to Asian’s so the only chance I have is to get OGK on-line, but they are really, really expensive, so I just want to be sure before I buy since I cannot try it first.
    (Also, any recommendation for online retailer that sells OGK helmets?)

    • sadisticnoob says:

      Hi Isaac,

      basically for OGK I find it fits better than the LG helmets that I tried mainly LG has is a little snug around the side of the head.

      Chances are if you cant get it locally, its going to be super expensive to buy the helmet as its going to be imported straight from japan which is not going to be cheap.

      I had good fit with specialized helmets as well so you might consider that

  2. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the info. I`ve found 2 places, one in Japan, one in Korea, that will sell & ship the OGK helmets. They are expensive, I think about $180-200 CDN for the 2nd best model and the Regas is about $130. Expensive for my budget, but it is actually about the same pricing as the top models for most brands here. The high end Giro, Specialized, Lazer, Bell, etc. all can easily top $200.
    Giro then Lazer was the next best fitting, but they all were slightly snug around the side of the head, same as my old LG helmet. Last I tried, the newer LG`s were not as well fitting.
    Specialized was actually one of the worst for me, but I understand Specialized actually makes an Asian specific form that they sell in Asia only, not North America, so that may explain your good experience with them.

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