Paris-Roubaix: Singapore Style

Went for a 40+ km cycle today in the hot,steamy afternoon. Not that difficult compared to Cameron Highland last week. Went from my house to the Jalan Buroh roundabout and turned back home. Average of 30.5 km/h . Not too bad considering its solo ride with no motivation to push forward.Bad crosswinds and bad roads made the ride shitty.

Went up the West Coast Highway Viaduct starting from Keppel Road all the way to the other end at West Coast Highway. Had to filter right into the highway at the intersection of a expressway exit. Signaled right and cars graciously gave way.

Wanna have a chance to ride Paris-Roubaix in Singapore ? Wanna know how is it like to go through cobblestones ? (actually rough roads) Look no further than Singapore’s shoreline we have one right here! Feel the rough road coursing through your veins, ass and hands as the road roughness starts to get into you. Good training for the real event in Paris though it is quite short. As your bike starts to shake and vibrate, you should feel comforted that the road has no potholes as compared to those Car-sized potholes in Malaysia.Hell, I dont even mind if LTA doesnt resurface the road such good massage for the entire body. Free Of Charge.

On the other hand, Crosswinds were pretty bad today. I had a 32.6 kph average at the Jalan Buroh roundabout, but coming back it was horrible. I was struggling to even hit 30kph. At one point, my entire bike as leaning against the winds, if I was not on it, i think my bike might have fallen down. But it certainly helped to cool down on such a hot day.


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