3 reasons why i cannot/hate time trialing

Time Trial is an individual race with just you, your bike and the clock. It is a mind over body race as there is nobody to compete with you. Maybe except at professional level where the coach will shout at you through the earpiece. There are varying distance but i heard the longest is imperial century ride which is like 160KM long! Imagine spending 4-6 lonely hours with just you and your bike and your bottles as you attempt to quickly get over the physical torture.

As much as I like cycling, I tried to do a mini time trial on my own and just realize that i cannot do time trial. I was at pace drafting or pulling the group at 37kph chatting happily. Put me alone in the middle of nowhere,crosswind excluded and you can see me struggling to maintain a proper pace and speeds dwindles down to a mere 32kph.Hell, if i was taking part in the recent Cyclone ITT, I think i would be placed last.

Here are some reasons why i do not like time trials.

1.Alone,Alone and Forever Alone
Time Trial is basically depends on you. While It may seem thrilling to remember that you have the chance to overtake people, doing so while being excited would also mean that you would lose concentration and in worse case scenario, tire yourself out. Having nobody to chat to also makes you remember the pain while cycling.

I am a person who is very inconsistent in riding. It may mean that today i may help you pull at a certain speed but don’t expect me to pull the same speed next time round. Time Trials are all about setting the proper pace and keeping to it for the same distance. I can imagine mine: speed up slow down and the motion goes on and on. Perhaps training with a cadence meter or even a power meter might help but that’s way beyond my budget as I’m still a poor guy. Sure i can keep consistent but that’s for speeds slower than 30kph .

3.Fancy equipment

This is perhaps a personal reason but I seriously cannot imagine myself wearing skin suits and the aero-shaped helmets.

I even wondered whether would you neck suffer a fracture if you turned your head either at high speeds or during heavy crosswinds?

I have not really tried a Time trial bike yet but i love to go into the “aero” position

wow i must say that it provides a better pace, not as tiring, and to a certain extent, cuts through wind better. Only liability is the tendency to fall off should you hit an obstacle as the arm is completely unsupported and is only pivoting onto the handlebars.


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A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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