Trying out an old friend

2 days ago went to install a new bottom bracket on my old bike after i went to modify the bottom bracket and my crank fell out of it.

Apparently i found out that the bottom bracket with the seal and the 1 without seal, the difference is only ~0.01 cm or so. This caused the crank to have play and thus causing it to get detatched from the bottom bracket.

Riding it for about 10km yesterday on a 1km + loop around my house yesterday .It feels so much difference from my Cervelo S1. It reminded me of the slow easy going pace of the bike. It just wants me to sit in there and just pedal through the ride instead of encouraging me to go faster compared to the Cervelo.

Compared to the time i took out the Cervelo on the same loop except it was a 20km loop clock wise, a rough 1km/h slower. Did I enjoy the ride though? Yes.

The seat though is too comfortable. Future upgrades will be to get a better wheelset since heavy bike + heavy wheels doesnt match.


About sadisticnoob

A poor guy attempting to skim on bike parts
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